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    Cheap Life Insurance Rates Online

    You need tо bе well informed about this because some insurance companies thаt make monetary losses frоm some claims end up shifting thаt burden tо thе consumer. You muѕt look fоr аn affordable indemnity cover thаt wіll allow you tо save some money. Requesting indemnity quotes bу filling simple online indemnity questionnaires thаt аrе provided bу different indemnity companies; you саn find аnd compare indemnity rates online.

    Following this simple way, you wіll bе able tо compare indemnity coverage аnd premium quotes frоm competing indemnity companies. This process саn bе done іn 15 minutes оr less аnd you don’t even need tо make а single call оr being а part оf thе lengthy аnd time consuming meetings with indemnity agents. Tо find cheap indemnity rates online, you саn аlѕо look into other non indemnity companies’ sites thаt have thе technology which wіll allow you tо compare indemnity premium quotes frоm multiple competing indemnity companies іn а few minutes bу entering your information.

    One оf thе best ways tо find out thе best rates over thе net іѕ tо keep checking thе quotes оf various indemnity plans. This wіll help thе customers get thе quotes оf their desired choice. Thе third party indemnity companies саn аlѕо bе consulted fоr а comparative analysis. Thus, іt іѕ very important tо compare thе indemnity quotes before buying аn insurance scheme.

    Given thе current recession іt іѕ important tо make sure tо prioritize your money аnd compare insurance quotes online. A good place tо state wоuld bе аn online website thаt actually allows you tо compare insurance quotes online fоr free.

  • Car Insurance

    New car leads: 5 ways for generating auto insurance leads

    When someone is in the business of lending or insurance, then it is vital to generate leads. Without such a method, it would be difficult to survive in this cut-throat industry. For instance, if you are someone who sells car loans or who provides insurance policy to automobile owners, then it will be imperative that you keep an eye out for car owners and potential automobile buyers. There are various ways to figure out such numbers. Some methods are more expensive than the others. But every business should keeps its options open and exercise its decisions depending on the existing situation and market condition.

    Here are 5 popular ways for generating new car leadsand auto insurance leads:
    i.                    Online ads: Everyone from a pre-teen kid to a 70-year old, all is hooked to the net. They surf a lot and frequent a number of websites. Thus, placing your online ads on different sites is an interesting way of capturing the market. It is not as direct as email or telephone-based marketing, but it does help to keep your company visible. It is however vital to set up your ads in an innovative manner so that you can register higher clicks. 
    ii.                  E-mail campaigns: E-mail campaign is becoming more of a convention and may sound cliché, but it is still the most popular method to generate new car leads because of its cheapness. Sending an e-mail does not cost a penny, and even if some recipients delete it without even reading, this method continues to dominate the advertising world. In order to get better returns and to prevent spamming, it will be advisable that you do a thorough research of the market, get your auto insurance leads and send e-mails only to those who are actually planning to buy a car.
    iii.                Social marketing: In today’s age, you cannot ignore social marketing. Social websites like Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular amongst all age groups and they also give businessmen a useful tool to market themselves. By setting up pages & profiles or joining similar groups, you can create a brand for yourself and increase your web visibility. However, refrain from spamming the newsfeed of your page’s followers as that usually propels them to unlike the page or change their settings. It is important that you set up an interactive way to communicate with the audience. 
    iv.                Spread the word on forum and discussion panels: Internet is flooded with a number of forums and discussion panels. Since, the topic is pre-decided at these venues, usually only like-minded people with a common interest are members to it. Thus, you can spread word about your company in an automobile forum and create a lot of new car leads. 
    v.                  Telephone and text marketing: The telephonic form of marketing has been in existence even before the dawn of internet. But recently attention has been shifted from direct phone to texts. The latter is more convenient to the client because it doesn’t disturb them as much as a call does. Commercial enterprises looking for auto insurance leads usually send bulk texts to potential customers.
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    Genworth would separate its mortgage insurance business

    Best Insurance stock – Genworth would separate its mortgage insurance business  : Genworth Financial Inc said it would separate its mortgage insurance business into a new company, as the company looks to insulate itself from its troubled mortgage insurance unit, sending its shares up 4 percent before the bell.

    Mortgage insurers have been struggling to recoup their losses after the housing bubble burst and foreclosures soared, leaving them with large claims on unpaid home loans.

    Genworth on Wednesday said the restructuring will help protect the company from insolvency events related to its U.S. mortgage insurance subsidiaries and will not lead to a default under the indenture governing Genworth’s senior notes.
    Bond rating firm Moody’s in September said it would likely downgrade Genworth unless the company could insulate itself from continuing losses from its mortgage insurance unit.
    Genworth, which was spun off from industrial conglomerate General Electric, said the new plan along with an improving U.S. housing market is expected to result in breakeven or modest profitability for its mortgage insurance units during one or two quarters in 2013.
    Genworth named Thomas McInerney as chief executive in December, replacing long-time CEO Michael Frazier who resigned after the insurer pushed back plans to sell a minority stake in its Australian mortgage insurance business through an initial public offering.
    The reorganization, which is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2013, comes days after the company appointed Michael Derstine as chief risk officer.
    The company said it will continue to hold the outstanding senior and subordinated notes, which will be guaranteed by the new company. Genworth also plans to contribute $100 million to the new company.
    Shares of Genworth, which have risen about 37 percent since reporting a third-quarter profit in October, were up 4 percent at $8.45 before the bell.
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    indonesia sharia insurance industry forecast 2013

    best insurance stock – indonesia sharia insurance market forecast 2013 : Respect of the law will disahkannya about sharia insurance, six months after being all sharia units available in conventional master should spin off. According to sharia economic practitioner of the Shariah Economic Society (MES), Muhammad Syakir Sula. According Syakir Sula, in the year 2013 will be a lot of spin-off insurance sharia or break away from the conventional parent.

    “If the Law on insurance verified, draftnya, among others, say six months after confirmation of Law sharia insurance then all units should be in the spin-off,” he said, after filling Sharia Insurance Seminar event in Hall Student Center, Wednesday (12/12 / 2012) ago.

    If there is no sharia insurance capital to stand on its own, then said Syakir, it should be merged with other syariah insurance. “If the insurance company does not have capital sharia then he should merge, merge with others,” he said. It also reveals, from 43 sharia insurance industry, only one or two insurance sharia will not spin off. But from the 43 sharia insurance industry, most of which only two may not be a spin-off, others I think will spin off its capital for 50 billion is not great, he said.

    more Prospective

    Syakir too optimistic, development and growth of insurance, capital markets, will be far more prospective pawnshop forward.

    “I think now this, in Indonesia is only 22 percent of non-bank industry so the rest of the bank‘s policy direction forward I think that 22 percent would like to raise this to about 25 percent of the means towards the development and growth of insurance, capital markets, pawnshop will prospective far ahead, I think the regulator will forward this very attention to the balance between the growth of banking insurance growth, “he explained. *
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    United India Insurance UII projections 2013

    United India Insurance UII projections 2013 : United India Insurance Company plans to enter the Middle East and SAARC countries to tap the potential in these regions due to a presence of a large India diaspora, a top company executive has said.

    “UII is eyeing operations in Middle East and SAARC nations. Though this is in preliminary stage, a detailed survey has revealed rich potential due to a large Indian diaspora and business activities of Indian and foreign companies,” the state-owned company’s CMD Milind Kharat told PTI.

     The operations could be through a joint venture or a branch or an agency model and is expected to be commissioned in a few months, Kharat, who was here to address a customers’ meet, said.
    He was confident that at least one center would begin operations before March 2013, subject to clearances.
    On the business quantum, he said UII has been maintaining 20 per cent growth this year despite the economic slowdown and a substantial drop in sales of motor vehicles in the country.
    The company is targeting to surpass premium collections of Rs 10,000 crore this fiscal, he said.
    In the first half of the year (half year ended Sept 30 2012), premium collected touched Rs 4,757 crore. Last year, UII clocked Rs 8,179 crore as against Rs 6,376 crore in 2010-11.
    He said three new insurance products are on the anvil, including two in motor insurance and one in health sector, all of which would be launched before this fiscal end, pending clearance from IRDA.
    UII, with about 1,436 branches and 15 per cent of the market, is increasing its activities in rural pockets with focus on where lucrative potential could be tapped, he said.
    The number of micro offices (single person managed) will be doubled from 350 at the beginning of this year to 700 by end of this fiscal, he said.
    Kharat said total headcount stood at 17,000. In 2011, UII recruited 400 officers in different disciplines and plans to recruit 600 personnel in clerical cadre by March 2013,he said.
    He said the online insurance policy scheme launched 18 months ago has been gaining momentum and claimed over 17000 policies had been issued through this online route. Kharat also said UII maintains the highest profit earnings among PSU insurance companies in the country.
    Business accrued was 12 per cent from Marine business, 47 from Motor Insurance, 30 from Health and the balance from Fire and others, he said.
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    2013 Asian commercial insurance rates

    best insurance stock – 2013 Asian commercial insurance rates :Continued economic growth and low natural catastrophe losses, combined with strong competition between insurers in most classes of business, will continue to provide favourable market conditions for buyers of commercial insurance in Asia during 2013, according to a report published today by Marsh.

    Organisations across Asia, especially those with little or no exposure to natural catastrophe risk or with good loss histories, should be able to secure reductions on their insurance rates, continuing a trend begun in the second half of 2012, Marsh noted in its Asia Insurance Market Report 2013.
    However, Asian companies offering employee benefit programs can expect more challenging conditions this year as medical cost inflation continues to escalate significantly, putting upward pressure on rates.
    For example, Marsh expects insurers to seek average rate increases of up to 35% in Thailand where medical inflation is expected to rise between 20% and 25% this year. An upward trend, with local variations, is expected to be seen in most Asian countries.
    Marsh also noted that while rates for directors and officers (D&O) insurance for US-listed Chinese companies remained high the market had largely stabilised, partly due to a slow-down in IPO activity.
    Across the rest of Asia, D&O rates generally remained flat or decreased, as increased litigation against directors was offset by an increase in insurance capacity.
    “The insurance market in Asia remains generally favourable to buyers as the flow of capital, capacity and competition into the region keeps rates competitive,” says Martin South, CEO of Marsh in Asia-Pacific.
    “However, there will always be the possibility of spikes in premiums following large market losses. As the industry matures, clients should focus on providing their insurers with robust evidence of their risk management and mitigation strategies, not only to secure competitive pricing, but also to ensure they have insurance protection aligned to their particular risk needs.”
    The report also finds that employees’ compensation (workers’ compensation) in Hong Kong continues to be a challenging market. Rates continue to rise significantly as loss experiences deteriorate and major insurers enter and exit the market, creating significant turbulence.
    Banks continue to use structured trade credit insurance as a way to both deleverage their balance sheets yet still remain active in the trade finance market in Asia.
    Professional liability insurance remains a buyers’ market, with highly competitive rates across Asia as new insurer entrants bring additional capacity and competition to the market, says the report.(source www.cfoinnovation.com )
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    Aflac Dividend Stock forecast

    Aflac Dividend Stock forecast
    Aflac Dividend Stock forecast : Aflac Incorporated provides supplemental health and life insurance in Japan (80% of earnings) and the U.S. Products are marketed at work sites and help fill gaps in primary coverage.

    Fair Value: In calculating fair value, I consider the NPV MMA Differential Fair Value along with these four calculations of fair value, see page 2 of the linked PDF for a detailed description:

    1. Avg. High Yield Price
    2. 20-Year DCF Price
    3. Avg. P/E Price
    4. Graham Number
    AFL is trading at a discount to 3.) and 4.) above. The stock is trading at a 16.2% discount to its calculated fair value of $61.44. AFL earned a Star in this section since it is trading at a fair value.
    Dividend Analytical Data: In this section there are three possible Stars and three key metrics, see page 2 of the linked PDF for a detailed description:
    1. Free Cash Flow Payout
    2. Debt To Total Capital
    3. Key Metrics
    4. Dividend Growth Rate
    5. Years of Div. Growth
    6. Rolling 4-yr Div. > 15%
    AFL earned three Stars in this section for 1.), 2.) and 3.) above. A Star was earned since the Free Cash Flow payout ratio was less than 60% and there were no negative Free Cash Flows over the last 10 years. The stock earned a Star as a result of its most recent Debt to Total Capital being less than 45%. AFL earned a Star for having an acceptable score in at least two of the four Key Metrics measured. The company has paid a cash dividend to shareholders every year since 1973 and has increased its dividend payments for 30 consecutive years.
    Dividend Income vs. MMA: Why would you assume the equity risk and invest in a dividend stock if you could earn a better return in a much less risky money market account (MMA) or Treasury bond? This section compares the earning ability of this stock with a high yield MMA. Two items are considered in this section, see page 2 of the linked PDF for a detailed description:
    1. NPV MMA Diff.
    2. Years to > MMA
    AFL earned a Star in this section for its NPV MMA Diff. of the $992. This amount is in excess of the $500 target I look for in a stock that has increased dividends as long as AFL has. The stock’s current yield of 2.6% exceeds the 2.54% estimated 20-year average MMA rate.
    Memberships and Peers: AFL is a member of the S&P 500, a Dividend Aristocrat, a member of the Broad Dividend Achievers™ Index and a Dividend Champion. The company’s peer group includes: American Independence Corp. (AMIC) with a 0.0% yield, Unum Group (UNM) with a 2.3% yield and CNO Financial Group, Inc. (CNO) with a 0.8% yield.
    Conclusion: AFL earned one Star in the Fair Value section, earned three Stars in the Dividend Analytical Data section and earned one Star in the Dividend Income vs. MMA section for a total of five Stars. This quantitatively ranks AFL as a 5-Star Very Strong stock.
    Using my D4L-PreScreen.xls model, I determined the share price would need to increase to $51.47 before AFL’s NPV MMA Differential decreased to the $500 minimum that I look for in a stock with 30 years of consecutive dividend increases. At that price the stock would yield 2.6%.
    Resetting the D4L-PreScreen.xls model and solving for the dividend growth rate needed to generate the target $500 NPV MMA Differential, the calculated rate is 5.3%. This dividend growth rate is lower than the 7.9% used in this analysis, thus providing a margin of safety. AFL has a risk rating of 1.25 which classifies it as a Low risk stock.
    Operating in the two largest insurance markets in the world (U.S. and Japan), AFL has built a tremendous low-cost distribution system. Focusing on supplemental insurance products, AFL consistently generate excess returns for shareholders. Consistent earnings has allowed the company to increase its dividend and repurchase shares.
    Despite a strong business model, the AFL’s balance sheet remains stressed due to questions over some of its investments, specifically European bank hybrid bonds and European sovereign debt. The company has taken steps to de-risk its investment portfolio. This move will likely slow earnings growth over the next few years, but should lead to higher long-term value.
    AFL is currently trading at a discount versus its historical valuation. The company is trading below my calculated fair value price of $61.44. However, a recent runup in its share price has lowered the stocks yield, so for now I will wait on a more attractive entry point before adding to my position.
    Disclaimer: Material presented here is for informational purposes only. The above quantitative stock analysis, including the Star rating, is mechanically calculated and is based on historical information. The analysis assumes the stock will perform in the future as it has in the past. This is generally never true. Before buying or selling any stock you should do your own research and reach your own conclusion. See my Disclaimer for more information. Disclosure: At the time of this writing, I was long in AFL (1.5% of my Dividend Growth Portfolio).source : http://seekingalpha.com/article/1154141-aflac-incorporated-dividend-stock-analysis?source=google_news
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    Insurance gives you peace of mind

    What better feeling than knowing that your family can do without you! Ya ya, not when you are alive. But the very fact that your loved ones need not depend on anyone else in case of any unfortunate eventuality is in itself a great feeling and you can then live life to the fullest. You don’t have to think when spending on that new car as long as basics savings are in place. So go ahead and splurge!
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    The negative side of bank mortgage insurance

    The negative side of bank mortgage insurance : Mortgage life insurance isn’t very popular and it has more than a few detractors. For one thing, the premium payments typically remain constant even though your death benefit drops. What seemed like a bargain when you first took the insurance, and your mortgage, becomes less so as the loan balance and the insurance death benefit drop.

    Another concern is that the insurance benefit will be payable to your lender upon your death, not to your dependents. That limits the desirability of having this type of insurance.

    While it may be good to have your mortgage paid off upon your death, your dependents may have other, more pressing concerns. They will not be able to address those concerns with a mortgage life insurance policy. read How does mortgage life insurance work

    Is it worth having?

    For most people mortgage life insurance shouldn’t be necessary. You can instead take the largest term life insurance policy you can afford and use part of the proceeds to payoff the mortgage on your home at your death, if that’s what you and your survivors agree upon. However your dependents will not be locked into paying off the mortgage, should they decide against doing so.

    A straight term life insurance policy give them the flexibility to allocate the money wherever it’s most needed. Maybe that’s the mortgage, and maybe it’s not, but they’ll have that option.

    If you don’t have a whole lot of confidence that your survivors will allocate the life insurance proceeds wisely, then mortgage life insurance can be a consideration. Since the proceeds will be allocated directly to payoff the mortgage event of your death, you will be able to know that it will happen as you wish.

    Your survivors might still blow through other insurance proceeds, but at least you can know that the mortgage on a house will be paid for.

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    MetLife MET Stock Prediction 2013

    Best Insurance stock – MetLife MET Stock Prediction 2013, MetLife insurance shares 2013: MetLife investors have waited since the autumn of 2011 for the company to buy back shares and raise its dividend, but regulators foiled the company’s plans. On a year-end investor call with analysts, MetLife management said the 2013 forecast assumes no share buybacks. Chief Executive Steve Kandarian later added, “I don’t have total confidence” the company will be free to buy back shares after 2013, either.

    MetLife Inc (MET.N) warned that 2013 earnings might be well below Wall Street expectations and said it did not expect to buy back any shares next year, a blow to investors who have been waiting more than a year for a capital return.
    For this year, the insurer expects operating earnings of $5.5 billion to $5.6 billion, or $5.15 to $5.25 per share, compared with analysts’ average estimate of $5.25.
    In 2013, it expects $5.5 billion to $5.9 billion, or $4.95 to $5.35 per share. Analysts’ average forecast is $5.47, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. MetLife’s operating earnings forecast excludes discontinued operations and net investment gains and losses.
    MetLife (NYSE: MET) stock ratings prices target
    MetLife (NYSE: MET)‘s stock had its “equalweight” rating restated by equities researchers at Barclays Capital in a report issued on Thursday. They currently have a $37.00 target price on the stock.
    MetLife traded up 0.36% on Thursday, hitting $35.2777. MetLife has a 52-week low of $27.60 and a 52-week high of $39.55. The stock’s 50-day moving average is currently $32.85. The company has a market cap of $38.490 billion and a price-to-earnings ratio of 14.33.
    MetLife last released its earnings data on Wednesday, October 31st. The company reported $1.32 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, beating the consensus estimate of $1.28 by $0.04. The company’s revenue for the quarter was up .0% on a year-over-year basis. On average, analysts predict that MetLife will post $5.22 earnings per share for the current fiscal year.
    Several other analysts have also recently commented on the stock. Analysts at Macquarie reiterated an “outperform” rating on shares of MetLife in a research note to investors on Monday. They now have a $45.00 price target on the stock. Separately, analysts at Credit Suisse reiterated an “outperform” rating on shares of MetLife in a research note to investors on Monday, December 24th.
    MetLife Analyst Forecasts Earnings Growth
    MetLife Earnings Growth Forecasts 2013
     Over the next five years, the analysts that follow this company are expecting it to grow earnings at an average annual rate of 8.73%.This year, analysts are forecasting earnings increase of 3.71% over last year. Analysts expect earnings growth next year of 0.35% over this year’s forecasted earnings.
    Figure MetLife Inc. (MET) Stock 1 year 
    My Analysis MetLife Inc. (MET)
     MetLife Inc. (MET) – The largest U.S. life insurer, MetLife also has a substantial financial services business, with a focus on retirement planning and corporate benefit funding. The company also has a rapidly growing international business, currently comprising 31% of revenues.
    Currently yielding 2.3%, MetLife has a solid record of raising the dividend; however they have kept the payout constant since the financial crisis. My favorite thing about MET is its extremely attractive valuation, currently trading at only 6.7 times earnings. The failure of the Fed’s stress test could be the reason for the depressed valuation, but analysts tend to believe that MET is financially sound and is well positioned to capture additional market share.
    About MetLife, Inc.
     MetLife, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs in the United States, Japan, Latin America, the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. The company offers group life insurance products, including variable, universal, term, and whole life products, as well as employee paid supplemental life products; and individual life insurance products comprising variable, universal, term, and whole life products, as well as a range of mutual funds and other securities products. It also provides non-medical health products and services, which include dental insurance, group short- and long-term disability, individual disability income, long-term care, critical illness, and accidental death and dismemberment coverages, as well as employer-sponsored auto and homeowners insurance, and administrative services to employers; and retirement products consisting variable and fixed annuities that are primarily sold to individuals and employees of corporations and other institutions. In addition, the company offers an array of annuity and investment products, including guaranteed interest products and other stable value products, income annuities, and separate account contracts for the investment management of defined benefit and defined contribution plan assets, as well as offers products to fund postretirement benefits; personal lines of property and casualty insurance to employees and individuals, as well as personal excess liability and coverage for recreational vehicles and boat owners; and credit insurance and endowment products. Further, it offers banking products comprising mortgage and deposit products, as well as other financial services. The company sells its products through its sales forces, third-party organizations, independent agents, and property and casualty specialists. MetLife, Inc. was founded in 1863 and is based in New York, New York.
     MetLife shares price forecast 2013, MetLife market shares 2013,  MetLife earning growth estimates 2013, MetLife insurance market forecast 2013, MetLife eps 2013, MetLife stock ratings, MetLife earnings forecast 2013, MetLife life insurance products 2013, dental insurance 2013, United States, Japan MetLife market share 2013, Latin America MetLife market share 2013,  Asia Pacific MetLife market share 2013, Europe MetLife market share 2013,