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    Avoid rental car insurance fees

    avoid rental car insurance fees

    How tо avoid rental car insurance fees : It makes me crazy whenever I rent а car, аnd thе agent highly recommends I get thе “collision damage waiver,” оr CDW. They tell me it’s $15 tо $25 per day.

    With rates like thаt every day, they muѕt think I’m а drunk who always drives оn thе wrong side оf thе road. Have they even checked my driving record? So, I never get it. Why? Because my insurance agent told me I’m already covered, аnd many оf us are. Besides, I rent thе car using а credit card, which аlѕо provides rental car insurance.

    Is that extra fee sometimes recommended by rental car agents really necessary?


    Typical Coverage*
    Item Rental Insurance Personal Insurance Credit Card
    Damage to rental car Yes Yes Yes
    Damage to other cars No Yes Possibly
    Damage to property No Yes Yes
    Damage to people No Yes Possibly
    Deductible No Yes Yes
    Theft No Yes Yes

    A little pre-planning with your insurance agent саn get you tо say what I say: “No, thank you. Your daily rate іѕ outrageous.”, “I think а lot оf people don’t know” about coverage, says Don Bennett, owner оf Sage Insurance іn St. George. “That’s thе biggest problem. Every time someone rents а car, they’re јuѕt nоt aware оf what thе coverage is.”

    Bennett says most people don’t pay fоr thе extra insurance аnd take thе chance thаt they won’t get into а wreck.

    “It’s much better tо ask а few questions іn advance аnd know where you stand ѕhоuld аn accident occur,” Bennett says.

    Thе car rental agencies offer what’s called а collision damage waiver. It covers damage tо your rental car аt rates frоm $15 tо $25 every day. But іt doesn’t cover thе damage tо other cars, property — or, worse, people. And neither wіll your credit card.

    That’s why you ѕhоuld ask your insurance agent about whether thе liability frоm your personal auto insurance wіll extend tо your rental car. In most cases, іt will.

    “If you don’t have comprehensive аnd collision coverage, thе only coverage іѕ property damage аnd bodily injury, through your negligence,” Bennett said. “If you do have comprehensive аnd collision, thаt wіll extend as well.”

    But your deductible аlѕо extends tо thе rental car. If you have а $1,000 deductible оn your personal car, thаt wіll аlѕо bе thе case with your rental. That’s where your credit card comes іn handy.

    “Your credit card insurance wоuld pick up thаt first thousand dollars іn damage fоr you,” Bennett said.

    Here’s another fee car rental agencies tack оn after аn accident: thе “loss оf use” fee. They’ll zing you fоr every day thе car wаѕ іn thе shop аnd they couldn’t rent іt out.

    Now, thе rental agency’s own collision damage waiver covers that. But it’s another question you ѕhоuld ask your insurance agent first.

    “If your personal auto insurance doesn’t pay loss оf use оr administrative fees, your credit card rental insurance mау pay those,” he said.

    Discover Card dоеѕ not, but Visa, Mastercard аnd American Express do. But here’s thе thing: Thе rental agencies have tо show they didn’t have other cars available tо replace thе damaged one. I know frоm experience they won’t always tell you that, while tacking оn thе fee. They once told me іt wаѕ standard practice іn thе industry. Here’s another thing tо consider: theft.

    Thе collision damage waiver won’t cover you іf your rental car gets stolen, ѕо see іf your own auto insurance оr credit card wіll cover that. If you аrе covered fоr theft, your policy might аlѕо say іf you аrе careless with your own car оr а rental, you’re nоt covered.

    “Like any personal vehicle, you want tо lock thе doors, take thе keys out, thаt sort оf thing, otherwise you run thе risk оf nоt having thаt coverage,” Bennett said.

    Here’s another thing: If you wind up buying thаt car rental-offered overpriced insurance, you mау actually bе hurting yourself when іt comes tо credit card insurance. Bennett says credit card companies find out іf you bought thаt rental insurance, аnd thеn thе credit card won’t have tо pay.

    If you do use your credit card аnd expect insurance coverage, thе credit card muѕt bе thе one issued tо thе primary renter оf thе car. If you rent а pick-up, SUV оr luxury car, credit card insurance won’t work — but still your personal insurance might.

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    5 Tips To Get Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers


    Getting cheap car insurance fоr young drivers іn nоt easy аnd many parents worry about it. Many parents buy expensive car insurance fоr young drivers because оf proper knowledge. Apart frоm thе riskiness оf teen drivers, following these 5 tips you wіll bе able tо find cheap car insurance.

    1. Installing Safety Features
    Auto insurance companies mау first check how safe thе car thе young driver іѕ driving. Having many safety features іn thе car іѕ considered tо get car insurance thаt іѕ cheap. Install anti-theft device іn your car аnd try tо install other safety device. This іѕ thе easiest way tо reduce your insurance rates.

    2. Having A Good Student Discount
    Another way tо find cheap car insurance fоr young drivers іѕ having а good score іn class. Auto insurance companies offer discounts fоr those who have аn average B оr above іn class. Young drivers саn get discount аnd save up tо 15% bу simply јuѕt maintaining good grades іn school.

    3. Attending Driver Safety Courses
    If you don’t have any safety course certificate thеn attend motor vehicle accident prevention course. Alѕо try tо attend other safety courses approved іn your state аnd provide thе documents thаt you successfully complete thе courses аnd you wіll get cheap auto insurance frоm thе company.

    4. Purchasing Low Cost Or Used Vehicles
    High performance car usually carries high insurance rates, ѕо avoid buying luxury, sports cars оr light cars. If you аrе going tо insure old оr used car, car insurance companies mау give you thе insurance policy thаt re cheap.

    5. Considering Higher Deductibles
    If your insurance has а higher deductible, you саn lower thе insurance rates, but you mау have tо pay more expense after thе accident.

    Cheap Car Insurance Company Fоr Young Drivers
    Among thе thousands auto insurance companies there аrе few car insurance companies which offer insurance package specifically fоr young drivers. Thе best auto insurance company fоr young drivers іѕ Nationwide. Young drivers have аn accident аnd іtѕ simple tо consider, but this wіll increase drivers’ insurance rates 25%-30%. If you insure your car with Nationwide, you саn save money аnd don’t have tо pay increased rates bу it’s accident forgiveness package.

    Though getting cheap car insurance fоr young drivers іѕ tough, but іf you follow these tips thеn you wіll find thе cheapest auto insurance fоr teen drivers.


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    Competition of Insurance Companies

    Information about thе insurance market аt а glance

    Local private insurance companies dominate thе insurance market more common than joint venture (joint venture). Increasing thе market share оf local insurance companies than а joint venture because іt іѕ generally а joint venture targeting specific markets аnd market different frоm local insurance companies.

    Local insurance companies dominate because more aggressive market penetration into areas while thе joint venture only big city.

    Five force model іѕ а business strategy thаt іѕ used tо perform thе analysis оf thе industrial structure. Thе analysis іѕ based оn five competitive forces are:

    Thе threat оf а substitute product
    How dyantolife substitution fоr insurance? Arе consumers саn easily obtain substitute goods? Thе more close substitutes, thеn thе customer саn switch easily. Force іѕ influenced bу several factors such as switching costs, thе tendency fоr substitution, product differentiation, аnd more.

    Thе threat оf thе entry оf new competitors
    How difficult / easy fоr new competitors tо get into your industry? This force іѕ influenced bу thе brand equity, thе barriers tо entry such as patents, etc., distribution, оr core competence оf а particular skill, economies оf scope, cost advantage, аnd more.

    Thе bargaining power оf customers
    How іѕ thе strength оf your customers? This force іѕ influenced by: thе number оf buyers, thе concentration оf buyer, buyer switching costs, availability оf items, big order buyers, price sensitivity, degree оf differentiation, аnd ѕо on.

    With marketing аnd market penetration tactics thаt many insurance markets ѕо customers саn get а lot оf choices tо purchase insurance іn addition tо our company, іf thе acquisition оr marketing teams аrе nоt careful іn taking thе market іt wіll compete.

    Thе bargaining power оf suppliers
    Supplier іѕ thе place where we purchased inputs used fоr production materials. Force іѕ determined bу several factors including: cost оf switching tо another supplier, supplier number, supplier concentration, availability оf input substitution, differentiation level inputs, up tо thе level оf supplier relationships.

    Supplier оf insurance companies over thе custodian bank. If thе number оf custodian banks more ѕо we соuld have more alternatives іn choosing а bank аnd custodian banks соuld choose higher interest rates, lower costs аnd better service.
    Thе selection оf investment products as much as return оn bonds, mutual funds, money market, equity соuld bе аn alternative choice оf investment companies thаt саn return а higher member.

    Thе intensity оf competitive rivalry
    How dоеѕ thе intensity оf competition іn thе insurance company? Thе more thе number оf competitors, with quality products аnd competitive prices, thе higher thе level оf competition. Force іѕ determined bу several factors, including: thе number оf competitors, thе difference іn quality, customer loyalty, product differentiation, price differences, exit barriers, аnd ѕо on.

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    The negative side of bank mortgage insurance

    The negative side of bank mortgage insurance : Mortgage life insurance isn’t very popular and it has more than a few detractors. For one thing, the premium payments typically remain constant even though your death benefit drops. What seemed like a bargain when you first took the insurance, and your mortgage, becomes less so as the loan balance and the insurance death benefit drop.

    Another concern is that the insurance benefit will be payable to your lender upon your death, not to your dependents. That limits the desirability of having this type of insurance.

    While it may be good to have your mortgage paid off upon your death, your dependents may have other, more pressing concerns. They will not be able to address those concerns with a mortgage life insurance policy. read How does mortgage life insurance work

    Is it worth having?

    For most people mortgage life insurance shouldn’t be necessary. You can instead take the largest term life insurance policy you can afford and use part of the proceeds to payoff the mortgage on your home at your death, if that’s what you and your survivors agree upon. However your dependents will not be locked into paying off the mortgage, should they decide against doing so.

    A straight term life insurance policy give them the flexibility to allocate the money wherever it’s most needed. Maybe that’s the mortgage, and maybe it’s not, but they’ll have that option.

    If you don’t have a whole lot of confidence that your survivors will allocate the life insurance proceeds wisely, then mortgage life insurance can be a consideration. Since the proceeds will be allocated directly to payoff the mortgage event of your death, you will be able to know that it will happen as you wish.

    Your survivors might still blow through other insurance proceeds, but at least you can know that the mortgage on a house will be paid for.

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    Tips for buying car insurance online

    buying car insurance online 2013
    Best insurance srock – Tips for buying car insurance online online purchases insurance, guides to buy online auto insurance ; Strategy for 2013 Given the cost and other advantages, it is best to buy insurance online. “Time is not a constraint in online purchases. Customers have logged in at 2 a.m. to buy term insurance, If you are buying through a broker, be on your guard against mis-selling, or worse, cheating and forgery. There was a disturbing rise in such cases in 2012.

    It seems like every time you turn on the television, you encounter a commercial that asks whether you’re paying too much for your car insurance. Chances are your insurer won’t be champing at the bit to tell you the answer, so the burden is on you to find out. But with an Internet connection and a little planning, you can do it on your lunch hour.
    Whether you’re shopping for your first policy or looking for a better rate, going online is a gateway to a world of auto insurance quotes and information about the companies that issue them. As you’ll see, low cost is just one factor to consider. Let’s take a look at five tips to keep in mind when you go online to buy car insurance.
    Searching Online Is Just One Option

    While there is a seemingly endless number of companies issuing auto insurance policies these days, there are really just two ways to buy car insurance: You can purchase a policy in-person through an agent — a licensed individual who sells policies on behalf of one or more insurance companies — or you can buy directly from an insurer via Web site or telephone.

    Buying car insurance online still accounts for a relatively small portion of total auto insurance sales, but it’s increasing in popularity. According to a 2011 survey by the Internet marketing research company ComScore, just 20 percent of new auto insurance policies were purchased online, compared to 43 percent purchased from an agent. However, the number of online purchases represents an increase of 5 percent from just two years earlier, while the number of agent purchases represents a 6 percent decline. Additionally, a 2011 survey by J.D. Power and Associates showed that 54 percent of new auto insurance owners applied for a rate quote online, the first time this has happened for a majority of respondents
    Prepare Before You Search
    Whether you shop for car insurance online or go one of the other routes, make sure you come prepared with all of the information you need to get an accurate quote. Take stock of your car’s make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN), the zip code of where you park the car at night and any aftermarket safety or anti-theft accessories installed on the car. Get the license numbers of every driver to be insured under the policy, as well as the date when they were first licensed, and obtain a copy of your driving record. Get an updated credit score as well — your credit rating can affect your auto insurance premiums, since some insurers say those with poor credit scores are more likely to file claims
    There are a few steps you can take to get lower insurance premiums, as well. Tally up the number of miles you drove this year versus the previous year — a significant decrease in the mileage you drive might help you get a lower quote. Consider completing a defensive driving course online, insuring multiple vehicles (or your home) through the same insurance company or looking for a plan with a higher deductible. You might even want to eliminate certain types of insurance not required by law in your state; you could forego collision and comprehensive coverage on very old cars, for instance
    Shop Around
    You should take a look at your auto insurance policy every year to find out how much you’re paying in premiums and how much coverage you’re getting in return. The cost of the same policy can vary widely between companies based on factors like how much the company spends on advertising, commissions paid to the agent and the risk levels of the company’s pool of insured drivers.
    To start comparing quotes, try logging on to an auto insurance aggregator Web site like NetQuote.com, Insure.com or InsWeb.com, where visitors submit information about their car and driving history in exchange for an array of quotes from different insurance companies. Typically, many of the quotes come via follow-up e-mails and phone calls from insurance agents. You can also try searching Web sites for companies like Progressive and Geico, which sell insurance directly to consumers and provide quotes immediately.
    Before you submit any sensitive information through a Web site, look for a security policy to ensure that any communications are reasonably protected from third parties, and set your Web browser to notify you when you leave a secure connection.
    Visit Your State Insurance Department’s Web Site
    Auto insurance is regulated on a state-by-state basis, and your state’s insurance department usually has a bunch of relevant information to your search in the consumer information section of its Web site. Search the National Association of Insurance Commissioners State Web Map to find a link to your state insurance department
    The depth of information varies, but these Web sites often include profiles of the different insurance companies licensed within the state, sample price comparisons charged by competing agencies to cover common vehicles, and consumer guides to auto insurance. Many insurance departments also provide complaint indexes, which tally the number of consumer complaints upheld against a particular company versus the number of policies they have issued. This information can be valuable in determining which company to sign with.
    If you’re unsure if a prospective insurer is licensed within your state, ask an agent. If the company falsely claims to be licensed in your state, report them.
    Don’t Go By Price Alone
    Just because a company offers you a cheap quote doesn’t mean you should let it insure your vehicle. Take a close look at the terms of your policy to ensure it matches your last auto insurance policy, and that you’re getting an equivalent amount of coverage (or at least the minimum amount required by law in your state). Examine the terms of the agreement to make sure the company don’t require the use of cheaper aftermarket materials for repairs instead of the original factory parts, which can pose safety hazards
    In addition to the complaint indexes maintained by state organizations, you can refer to consumer satisfaction databases on Web sites like ConsumerReports.org and JDPower.com [source: Reed]. You should also make sure that your insurance company is financially stable before purchasing your policy. In addition to checking with your state insurance department, ratings organizations like A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s are good resources to determine a company’s financial state. And look to your friends and family for recommendations, as well.
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    10 Simple Travel Health Insurance Tips

    Travel health insurance helps the travelers to know better the insurance policy and to reduce the premium. If travelers know the policy better, they can often save money on travel insurance. Here are top simple travel health insurance tips travelers should know.

    Tip1: Understanding Travel Health Insurance Policy First
    Travelers should read travel insurance policy before purchasing any plan, and better understand the coverage the company has offered. Every policy has few limitations such as pre-existence health conditions and age limits which must be well known to travelers unless it could be a great problem.

    Tip 2: Medical Assistance Services
    When travelers are going to buy insurance policy, they should ask to the company if they have any assistance service for their clients. Experience shows that there are many assistance service companies which are disinterested to take to emergency calls to real doctors or nurse. But it’s not all the cases, there are some serious insurance companies which pay attention to their respected clients and provide assistance service. Though it is little bit expensive to receive calls from distance, but few companies take their responsibility because minutes can save lives.

    Tip 3: Understand the Preexisting Condition
    Travel health insurance policy has few terms and conditions and the travelers should understand the preexisting condition clause of policy. And check these terms and conditions apply since travelers’ departure date, not while purchasing the plan. Suppose travelers buy an annual health insurance policy then these conditions apply to the departure date of every trip.

    Tip 4: Buy Health Insurance That Cover Medical Conditions
    Travelers who take medication will not congregate with the pre-existing clause and unfortunately you will not get any coverage for such conditions. So check the insurance policy and in case you do not understand compare among different agencies which offer health insurance plan compatible with your medication.

    Tip5: Choose Affordable Deductible
    Many travelers want to save money while purchasing insurance policy. However, there are various deductible choices in policy by which traveler can easily save money and has to provide fewer premiums.
    So choose any deductable which only you can afford. While choosing plan you see there are few policies which have greater deductibles, do not fall into that trap because greater deductable means greater price.

    Tip 6: Save Money In Multiple Trips
    Generally insurance companies offer health insurance plan in different category such as single trip, multiple trips, individual trip, family or group plan etc., first determine that whether your trip is single or multiple in a year. If you are planning multiple trips then you need to buy annual plan rather than single plan. Annual insurance policy is comparatively less expensive, and you can save as much money as making another travel.

    Tip 7: Save Money Even In Higher Age Band
    All know that higher age people have to give higher premium and lower age people have to give lower amount, but there is little trick to get lower premium yet you are in higher age band. It seems if your birthday will place before your trip, you have to give extra 20% – 40% premium more than earlier, but if you purchase health insurance plan and leave your country before birthday, you can save significant amount of money which you have to pay after your birthday. Even you can save money by purchasing insurance policy before birthday with lower age band.

    Tip 8: Follow Doctor’s recommendations
    Many people often do not take drugs or medicine even their doctor recommends them because they think it might affect insurance policy. This practice is bad, though it is true but traveler should follow the doctor’s prescriptions because health is important than money. When doctor gives change in medicine, you should take unless the insurance company rejects your claim in the ground of unstable preexistence medical conditions. It would be better while getting an insurance plan provide details about your medical conditions and the medicine you are using.

    Tip 9: Inform Your Insurance Company If Trip Plan Changes
    Many people do not inform to their insurance agency when they change in insurance plan and the most mistakes are that they forget or intentionally do not inform their departure time and arrival time. This is the worst case and most important reason to get rejected their claim. Logically why any insurance company covers you if they do not know where you are and what you are doing. They simple void you policy. So inform as soon as you are planning to change your plan r any part the plan.

    Tip 10: Show the Proofs of Departure and Arrival
    Travel insurance companies sometimes check the proofs of your travel and sadly few people forget to keep record of their medical expenses and other costs and get rejected. There are few ways to keep record such as use credit card on the first day and last day of your trip. Some health insurance companies recommend using stamp on passport while departing from and arriving to your country.

    These travel health insurance tips help travelers to purchase insurance policy properly, to get affordable health insurance, to know how to choose deductable which less premium and finally to know how to claim.

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    Tips Buying Homeowners Life, Car Insurance 2013

    Best Insurance – Tips for Buying Homeowners Life, Car Insurance 2013 : Most people buy insurance the wrong way. They buy it piecemeal. They buy a little bit of this here and a little bit of that there. They buy too much in some areas and not enough in others. Then, when there is a serious claim, their insurance coverage often fails them. If your New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to fix that, we have some tips that can help you accomplish it.

    Homeowners insurance
    Tip 1: If Hurricane Katrina wasn’t reminder enough, along came Superstorm Sandy in 2012 to remind everyone that homeowners policies do not cover flooding. The policies cover those homes destroyed by fire, and homes damaged or destroyed by a storm. But they do not cover flooding. If you are exposed to any chance of severe flooding, even if you don’t live anywhere near a body of water, talk to your agent about flood insurance and check out the government flood insurance website at FloodSmart.gov.
    Tip 2: If you work from home even part time, you need to add an endorsement to your homeowners insurance called “incidental occupancy endorsement.” Homeowners policies, besides covering your building and contents, also cover personal liability, including liability for guests injured on your home premises. But they do not cover injuries to those who come onto your premises for business purposes. That includes not only businesses that have regular visitors to the home — such as yoga instructors, piano teachers or day care providers — it also includes injuries to the occasional visitor, such as a co-worker or delivery driver who’s dropping off some work from the office and falls on your icy driveway in the winter and gets injured. No coverage. How much does it cost to add this nifty endorsement? Less than $30 a year. For that small price, it’s silly not to have one.
    Tip 3: Speaking of liability coverage, be sure to standardize your liability limits on all your policies — auto, home, cabin, boats, etc. I recommend no less than $500,000. Remember, if you injure someone seriously, you will get sued for all the medical bills, for the lost wages they incur, and for pain and suffering.
    Just the medical bills alone can easily reach $500,000 in a serious accident. If you have any income or assets that you are concerned about losing in a lawsuit, add an extra layer of protection on top of your basic policies in your insurance portfolio — called an umbrella policy — of at least $1 million or more. A $1 million policy costs about $200 a year. I consider it the best buy in the insurance business.
    Car insurance
    Tip 4: Most people are underinsured for lawsuits. The most common limit I see is $100,000 per person. That won’t even cover the medical bills in a serious accident. The minimum liability coverage that anyone with any assets or income to protect should be carrying is $500,000 to $1 million or more. If your liability limits are low, contact your insurance agent right away and get those limits raised to more realistic figures. Raising liability coverage is surprisingly minimal in cost.
    Tip 5: When you raise your liability limits on your car insurance, don’t stop. Raise your limits on your home, cabin, boats, snowmobiles, etc., to the same amount. You don’t know where the lawsuit may come from. You want the same amount of money protecting you, so it won’t matter where it comes from.
    Tip 6: Raise your uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage on your car insurance to the same levels as your liability coverage for people you hurt. It’s estimated that 10% to 20% of all drivers have no insurance. I guarantee you that these are not the drivers with perfect driving records. Since we can’t control who hits us or how much insurance they have or don’t have, buying high limits of this coverage is the only way we can ensure that we and the loved ones riding with us get fairly compensated.
    Tip 7: Save money by dropping collision and comprehensive coverage of older vehicles you can comfortably afford to replace without car insurance. Make sure you save enough money to make it worth the risk.
    Save money on insurance by self-insuring more of the small losses on your vehicles with bigger deductibles. Not only does it save money, but it also reduces the number of small claims you file, thus keeping rates as low as possible now and in the future.
    Life insurance
    Tip 8: Remember that buying life insurance is an act of love. It’s the only insurance policy that you can buy where you are not collecting on it. For a family of four, financial experts recommend that survivors of one parent’s death make do with 7.5 times income. I recommend 10 times income. The extra cushion will allow the surviving parent to work fewer hours and spend more time with his or her children. Nothing can replace the emotional loss to the family. Don’t compound the pain by adding financial stress to the picture.
    Tip 9: For a young family getting started financially, I recommend term life insurance as the most cost-effective way to provide the most money for the lowest premium. Lock in the price for at least 20 to 30 years. And make sure the policy is convertible to a permanent policy, so if at the end of the term you find that you still need life insurance and can’t qualify for it medically, you are assured you can convert.
    If one spouse is a homemaker, carry at least $250,000 to $500,000 in life insurance on that person. Buy an amount high enough so the surviving working spouse can be more available to the children and still hire replacement services such as a nanny.
    Tip 10: It’s quite common for employers to provide some life insurance for their employees as a company benefit and at the same time offer them supplemental group life insurance on a payroll deduction basis. What most people don’t realize is that the costs for the supplemental life insurance are quite a bit more than a healthy nonsmoker will pay on the open market for the same amount of coverage. The tip here is to not just buy group life insurance because you assume it’s cheaper. It probably isn’t. In addition, when you leave the company or the company closes down, so does your life insurance.
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    Best insurance marketing ideas for agents

    Best insurance marketing ideas for agents
    Best insurance marketing ideas for agents – Here is a list of the very best, proven, and cost-effective insurance marketing and prospecting tips, Here is a list of the very best, proven, and cost-effective insurance marketing and prospecting tips, ideas and advice we’ve learned over the past 30 years by working with the very best in the insurance and financial services industry. These tips, ideas and advice are designed to get you off to a quick start… but more importantly, if they are used properly and your message is focused on helping people to identify and solve their financial problems, you will guarantee your long-term success!

    1. Emergency Info Wallet Cards

    Include local emergency numbers like the fire department, police, poison control, etc. Include your contact information and the phone number for claims. Customers will be glad to carry such a valuable card around in their wallet and they will always have your information in their pocket! Referrals are the cheapest and easiest form of insurance agency marketing.

    2. Great Email Signature – If you don’t already have an automated email signature, make one right now. Include every bit of contact information about you like your address, phone numbers, website, twitter, facebook, etc. With each new day comes a new form of communication and everyone has a favorite. Make sure you accommodate all communication preferences for marketing.

    3. Keep a Voice Recorder in Your Car – When you’re driving and spot a commercial vehicle record some information about the vehicle and the phone number. You can call the owner later and explain where you saw the vehicle and that you would like an opportunity to make a bid on their insurance at the next renewal. In case you want to order one now, here’s a link to digital voice recorders on Amazon.

    4. Provide Unparralleled Customer Experiences  

    Amazing customer experiences are one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. In today’s market, where consumers often expect to be taken for granted and treated poorly, when you treat your clients better than kings and queens they will tell the whole world. They’ll go on Facebook and tell a thousand people! You’ll never cold-call again if you can turn your book of business into your own sales force. Here’s some customer service ideas I put together to get you started. 

    5. Get in Their Cell Phone 

     Encourage clients to program your insurance agency phone number into their cell phone in case they have a claim or billing question. They will always be walking around with your contact information. If someone asks them about insurance it will be easier to refer. Referrals are the most successful insurance marketing strategy.

    6. Volunteer

    The hand that gives, gathers. There are many opportunites for growing your business while volunteering. You can get great PR in the newspaper, meet other local community members and business owners, and educate people about the values and benefits of insurance. Choose a non-profit you have some interest in since the more passion you have, the more benefit.

    7. Harness the Power of Facebook 

    Stop pretending its not a huge opportunity or you can’t do it and start making money with Facebook. Unless you only sell Medicare Supplement Plans, nearly every client you have is already on Facebook and the average user has 130 friends! If you need ideas, check out another article I wrote: 100 Facebook Marketing Ideas For Insurance Agents. Be creative, not too self-promotional, and use Facebook to amplify your community presence. And by the way, updating your Facebook page with fresh and interesting content has never been easier with our latest free marketing product for insurance agents, the Insurance Agency Facebook Idea Dashboard.

    8. Host a Window Etching Event  

    Window etching is a process of inscribing the VIN number of a vehicle into all the glass on a car. It is supposed to reduce auto theft. You can sometimes team up with the local police department or an organizaiton against insurance fraud like these guys. Gather free insurance leads from the vehicle owners. Remember to frame the sales conversation around any discounts they’re getting for the window etching.

    9. Door Hangers 

     Sounds old school, but paying someone to go door to door hanging advertisements on doorknobs can be part of your insurance marketing strategy. Arm the person with talking points about your insurance agency just in case.

    10. Good Old Telemarketing  

    The reason insurance agents still telemarket…it still works. Focus telemarketing in the evening, give your telemarketer lots of talkpaths to use and conduct role plays periodically to keep your telemarketer sharp. Don’t aim to quote and sell insurance policies right away. Respecting the prospects, making a positive impression, and gaining an x-date can be more valuable than providing an instant quote.

    11. Keychain Tags 
     I mean the thin plastic tags that the grocery store, gym, and credit card companies give members. Include the insurance agency contact information. Customers will want it so they can call you if they have a claim. Now they will always have your contact information for when they refer your agency. Referrals are the best insurance marketing.

    12. Get Your Own Website 
    In today’s marketplace, not having a website is like not having business cards. In addition to looking unprofessional, it also prohibits you from doing any legitimate online marketing.You can get a professional insurance website in three days for under $100 so why haven’t you done it already? And for the captive agents… if your “website” is a page about your agency on the carrier’s website then you don’t have a website. You have a webpage driving local traffic to your carrier’s domain to help them sell more insurance directly to your prospective and existing clients!

    13. TV Advertising 

     If you get an opportunity for some cheap exposure it may be worthwhile. The best television marketing opportunities would be during programs specifically aimed at your target prospects while they are thinking about your services – like during a program about home improvement or cars. In my opinion, TV ads still do not offer the same ROI as other insurance marketing strategies.

    14. Market Your Agency Online 

     InsuranceSplash owns a network of insurance-themed websites oriented toward consumers. Each has an agency locator and you can list your agency on each website. It’s commonly accepted that having consistent information about your agency referenced on more websites across the internet can boost your ranking with Google and agency name citatations on regionally specific pages of websites all about insurance should help! Signing up for the lifetime membership is simple, cheap, and only takes five minutes.

    15. Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising 

    These are sponsored results that show to the right when you search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This can be an excellent insurance marketing opportunity because it drives traffic to your insurance agency website only from people actively interested in insurance. You choose who views your ads by location and demographics.
    Google Adwords – MSN AdCenter (includes Yahoo.)

    16. Local Networking Events 

    Chambers of commerce and many professional organizations host networking events so businesspeople can meet other businesspeople. Make as many contacts as possible and follow up with people that will assist your insurance marketing with referrals. These events are always loaded with salespeople, focus on how you can help everyone you meet and have fun. Help others be successful and the karma will come back to help your insurance agency marketing.

    17. Host Seminars

     It requires promotion, but you can host seminars about financial planning, understanding insurance, saving money on insurance etc. Invite people to your insurance agency office, use a meeting room at a local chamber, use space from a community center, or rent a location. Present a topic that is time sensitive and enticing. “Learning About Deferred Medical Savings Accounts” will not draw as many as: “Secrets to Stop Uncle Sam From Stealing Your Retirement.”

    18. Give Free Coffee at Lowes 
    Ever see the parking lot of a hardware store at 7 am? All contractors. Among many other potential needs, contractors need commercial auto, general liability, worker’s comp, disability etc

    19. Email Newsletters 

     Capture your clients’ email and develop an insurance marketing email newsletter. Online email marketing providers can help you produce professional looking newsletters and track who opened emails, what they clicked on, and how long they viewed the message. Make sure to send useful information. People receive too much spam and you don’t want to be that type of insurance email marketing sender. Sending sales emails can be illegal. CAN SPAM Act. For our insurance marketing ideas newsletter, we use a service called Aweber but we’ve also had good results from another provider named MailChimp.

    20. Door-to-door Relationship Building

    It’s not easy, but it might be the cheapest and most effective insurance marketing strategies. To be successful with face-to-face insurance marketing orient all conversation around how you can help the organization (with referrals and promotion, not just insurance). Have a non-sales conversation prepared, like a local community event you are organizing and recruiting help for. Be respectful and make an impression without interfering or coming across as a typical salesperson. Get x-dates and follow up with the decision makers before renewals. You will be surprised how many non-commercial insurance leads you get.

    21. Online Yellow Pages For Leads. 

    Superpages is a great way to find phone contacts for commercial insurance marketing. Focus on a particular market (carpenters, plumbers, lawyers etc) at a time so you can perfect your insurance sales strategy toward each different industry.

    22. Sponsor a Car Show 

    This is a good marketing idea for any agent, but a fantastic one for any agent interested and knowledgable about cars. Like most of the advice on this page, building relationships is the key ingredient in your agency marketing strategy and this will be a fantastic way to do so.

    23. Improve Your Google Ranking

    According to their website, Google ranks local businesses based on three things: location, relevance, and prominence. Location means you’ll only show for searches near your physical location. Relevance means you’ll only show for search terms related to insurance (not locksmiths, hotels, hairdressers, etc.) and prominence means how often Google comes across your business name address and phone number when they surf the entire web. For a more detailed explanation, download the free ebook, 10 Actions to Boost Your Agency’s Google Rankings Today if you want to actually get any phone calls this year.

    24. Press Releases 
     Have something interesting going on with your agency? Hire someone new? Open a new location? Get appointed with a new carrier? Change the air freshener in your bathroom? It doesn’t matter how important the news is, you can write up a little blurb about it and publish it online. Be sure to reach out to your local community newspaper but you can also use an online service like this one make sure to include a link back to your website and use lots of location terms like your city/village/town name to help you with search engine optimization.

    25. Reach Out to Contacts Every Day
    Make friends and increase referrals without looking like a salesperson by asking questions. Strong relationships within the community are perhaps the most powerful marketing tool an agent can possess. Strengthen these relationships by calling other professionals in the community and asking them questions as often as possible. You can ask things you already know! Over time the relationship will develop and they will send you referrals. Referrals are the sweetest insurance agency marketing.

    26. Create a Podcast –
     A podcast is like a radio show that you can publish yourself. Users of iTunes can subscribe to your podcast and the iTunes program on their computer will update itself with your most current podcast. To gain listeners you must provide valuable content but you don’t need to be extensive. You could make a podcast that offers one 30-second piece of advice per week about saving on insurance, driving safely, or child safety etc.

    27. Telemarketing Services 

     There are many companies that will do insurance telemarketing for you and send leads interested in insurance quotes. There is less competition than with internet leads, but the cost is often higher and results may still be mediocre. Nevertheless, it is something to look into. There are many insurance telemarketing programs, here is one to check out.

    28. Be Listed in Smartphone Apps
    It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that people are using smartphones more than ever before. (I’m an iPhone addict) It also shouldn’t surprise you that many people use smartphone apps to find local businesses like yours. Ever wonder where those smartphone apps with local business information get all that info? Check this out to find out how to promote your agency in iPhone and Android apps. By the way, how easy is it for someone to call you when their phone is already in their hand?

    29. Host a Defensive Driving Safety Class  

     There are plenty of materials out there if you wanted to put something together, or you could hire a professional to conduct the class and get your people a discount. Include insurance agency marketing materials in any handouts.

    30. Advertise on Pizza Boxes 

    I know several agents who purchase pizza boxes with their insurance marketing in exchange for buying the boxes. Many pizza shops need to cut expenses and will make a deal. Ensure they don’t cover your insurance marketing with theirs. Boxes are under 50 cents each. Another option is to pay for plastic pizza cutters. They are more expensive but people keep them.

    31. Speak at High Schools 

     Find informational materials and videos to use while you speak about defensive driving with high school students. Also, teaching a brief class about insurance could be a great opportunity for the students in a “life skills” class. It will certainly help to have a personal connection with someone in the school.

    32. Consumer Review Websites 

    Websites like Yelp.com and MerchantCircle allow you to set up a profile about your agency. Visitors can write recommendations about your agency and others use these services to decide who to call. I wouldn’t quit after those two though because there’s hundreds more, in fact I wouldn’t set up any agency listings myself, I’d use this service to do it for me.

    33. Sponsor the Fire or Police Department 

     What says community involvement and protection better than the fire and police departments? Firemen and police officers generally have very wide social networks within your local community. Find a way to get some publicity in the paper and develop strong friendships with the members.

    34. Chamber of Commerce
    To make it worth your time and money, you must develog stronger relationships within and contribute to the community. Chambers of Commerce are full of salespeople…be a resource by helping others and you will reap the greatest insurance marketing benefits.

    35. Facebook Advertising 

     Ever notice those links on the right hand side of your Facebook page that usually have catchy pictures and text? Those are advertisements and they’re the reason Mark Zuckerberg is a billionare. You can pay to have your own ads show there and it’s amazing how specific you can get with your target audience, but be warned: if you can’t get a high ratio of people to click and you don’t change your ads frequently, Facebook will not show them regardless of your how much money you have. If you’re too busy selling insurance to spend too much time on your Facebook page it’s still easy to provide engaging insurance agency related content for a Facebook page using the Facebook Content Dashboard.

    36. Wrap Your Car

    Consider the possibility of having your vehicle professionally wrapped with your insurance agency logo. It facilitates more conversations than you expect and traffic won’t bother you as much. You could also purchase an inexpensive car magnet to put on your car when it is parked in highly visible locations or in your parking lot closer to the main road. Always be marketing.

    37. Always Carry Lots of Business Cards 

    All of us have said, “I don’t have a business card on me right now”. From this point forward if you ever say that again then you should turn in your insurance license. You failed the successful insurance agent marketing test. Leave them in fishbowls, post them on bulletin boards, leave them with a generous tip if you have great service in a restaurant. And don’t ever run out…

    38. Create a Google+ Agency Page 

     I get it, you’re already tired of all the social media stuff. Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and whatever the flavor of the week is next month it’s hard to keep up. But there’s one reason you really need to play along with this one – it’s Google and even if no one uses Google+, it can benefit your search results. Set up your Google+ page here. 

    39. Hire Commission-Only Salespeople 

    Not many agents have the spare cash to bring on another full-time (or even part-time) producer right now, buy you may be able to bring on a commission-only salesman. Even if you give them 100% of your sales commission, at some point they’ll leave and the renewals are yours. Ads on Craigslist are free and there’s plenty of people in the market for a job right now.

    40. Customer Video Testimonials 

    No one can sell the benefits of doing business with your agency better than an actual customer. Most agencies have a client or two that is bananas about you, ask them a few questions and film it with your iPhone. Shoot with the client and camera in a standing position away from a wall – it will have a more candid appearance and the lack of quality will be less noticeable.

    41. Donations for Quotes 
     Offer to donate a certain amount of money to a charity for every quote you get. Some of the big carriers get this one wrong by donating to a national cause. Donate to local charities and get your quotes from people that are actively engaged with the charity. Get them to post it to their Facebook page and let them do all the marketing for you.

    42. Refer-A-Friend Page –

     Create a page on your website that allows people to enter in the email address of a friend and it sends that person an email with your contact information and a recommendation about the agency. People aren’t going to use this by themselves though. You can email them a link right after you help them with something they appreciate like a billing dispute or a claim.

    43. Use Fiverr.com 

    Fiverr.com is an awesome resource where you can hire people to do all sorts of things for only $5. There’s a bunch of ways to use Fiverr for insurance marketing like designing flyers, writing press releases, business card design, content writing, video creation and more. You really wouldn’t believe what you can get for $5.

    44. Google Alerts 

    Google Alerts is a free service from Google that sends you an email anytime they find a new website with information you’re interested in. You can set it up to notify you anytime someone mentions your agency or to make sure you’re in the loop about all local insurance and business networking news. Learn more about Google Alerts for insurance marketing here.

    45. Twitter 

     I know that a lot of insurance agents don’t “get” Twitter. I understand because to be honest, I don’t totally get it and I’m an internet marketing guy. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set up a Twitter page though. Just having the page for your agency gives Google a more robust picture of your agency’s online profile which should help search results. It’s not hard to set it up to just regurgitate your Facebook posts automatically either.

    46. Get Free PR 

    HelpAReporter.com is a free service that connects reporters with experts to interview. When you sign up for an account as an expert you’ll recieve 3 emails a day filled with opportunities to be the “industry expert” for a reporter who needs to interview someone to write a story. If you want to be interviewed, respond quickly and sell hard on why you’d be the best expert to interview.

    47. Downloadable Whitepapers 

    A Whitepaper is basically just a fancy term for an informational report. You can turn it into a PDF and put it on your website either to generate leads or to give out for free. Keep it simple and create something highly relevant to an insurance shopper like, The top 10 Insurance Mistakes Chicago Families Make and How to Avoid Them. It’s a bit trite, but you get the point.

    48. Online Maps 

    People find local businesses using sites like Mapquest.com, Google Maps, and AltaVista. If they’re already on a map, it’s a pretty good indication that they’re serious about finding a local company too. Here’s two ways to do it: 1) do a search on Google for “online maps and go to each of the top sites looking for a link to add your busines profile and fill it out. 2) Use UBL to add you to every major online map by filling out one form.

    49. Sponsor a Motorcycle Ride 
    Except for a few crotchrocket thrill seekers, motorcycle riders are often fantastic insurance clients. They are very safe drivers on two and four wheels and today’s motorcycle owner often has many other insurance and financial service needs. Motorcycle insurance marketing is a great lead-in to other insurance lines.

    50. Post Client Letters 

     If someone writes a letter, sends an email, or posts a positive comment online about your agency, print it out and post it in a visible location. Shoppers look to others for guidance. Reading many letters from others about the knowledge, care, and protection your provide will only improve their impression of your business.

    51. Boost Your Search Rank 

    Here’s the bottom line: the more websites across the web with your consistent and accurate agency name, phone number, and address, the higher you’ll rank. Thats why services that distribute your agency on thousands of webpages are so valuable.

    52. Contact Webmasters for Links 

     Enhance the online presence of your insurance agency website and improve search rankings with links from other related sites. According to Google, one way to improve the search results of your website is to get one-way links from quality related websites. In order to do this you will need to have some type of product, service, or information visitors on the other site may be interested in, but unable to get on that site. Keep in mind that no one is going to be willing to offer a link to your site unless there is an obvious benefit to their visitors.

    53. Park a Wreck in Your Lot 

     Convince a junkyard to park a wrecked vehicle in front of your office. It will draw attention and create a mental connection between your location and car accidents and insurance. If your local government or landlord gives you a hard time, remind them it is raising safety awareness and at the very least try to get them to allow it every once in a while.

    54. Referral Marketing Exchange

    I know many agents that offer cash incentives for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and car salesmen to refer their insurance agency. (This is illegal in some places) There may be other options to reward referrals that are more affordable to you and/or more enticing for them, for instance you agree to pay for the publication and distribution of marketing materials. When a real estate agent sends you a lead, instead of paying them cash agree to send their client birthday cards in their name for the next five years. It may be easier for you if you already have a similar process in your office.

    55. Join the School Board 

    The school board is obviously a fantastic way to meet both the big players and families in the community. Being on the school board will give you easier access to marketing opportunities to parents and young drivers also. Marketing insurance products to young families is an ideal situation.

    56. Insurance Leads Fishbowl 

     Leave a fishbowl on the counter at a business where potential customers shop with a sign indicating you will be drawing for a gift card to the establishment. Use the cards for leads. If you like this idea and want to buy one right this instant here’s a link to fish bowls on Amazon.

    57. Wear Your Business 

     Invest in some nice shirts with your business name clearly visible. Wear them everywhere, especially to school and community events. Include your staff and you can have a powerful insurance marketing effect. Shirts are expensive, so if you’re going to hand them out, give them only to people you think have friends that would make good clients.

    58.Customer Surveys 

    Surveying people about service quality has marketing benefits. You can identify opportunities for improvement and you let clients know you value the quality of their experience. Another benefit is that many people will feel obliged to say good things and forcing them to do so will imprint the value of your agency into their minds. You can do this by email with most email marketing services.

    59. Engage People On Facebook 

    Moving forward, insurance agents that have the strongest online presence will survive. Check out this free article we wrote with over 100 ideas and strategies for Facebook marketing for insurance agents.

    60. Write in the Local Papers 

     Even if you pay for it, writing content for the local paper can be much more valuable than insurance advertising. Most papers are struggling right now and will be more open than ever to allow you to pay to write content. If you cannot inlcude insurance agency contact information in the article purchase a visible ad near it.

    61. Business Networking Groups 

     Although there are many like it, BNI is one of the most prominent business networking groups. Unfortunately, they often limit membership to one person per industry and insurance is often filled. Take advantage if you get an opportunity to join BNI or another group like it.

    62. Coach Youth Sports 
     Coaching a youth sports team allows you to meet many young families within the community. Think auto, home, Life, financial Planning, 529, IRA, etc. You should take every opportunity to get to know the league coordinators as they are often very well-known individuals within the community. Get some additional agency marketing by hanging a team picture in the office. It’s also a lot of fun, just ask the guys on my middle school lacrosse team.

    63. Designate a Referral Specialist 

    Choose one person in your agency and assign them to develop and support a referral process. Track referred business and pay extra commission on it. When one person takes ownership of the referral program you’ll get their buy in, and your other staff won’t be hearing about referrals from only you. Referrals are key to insurance agency marketing.

    64. Send Marketing Materials With Every Customer Communication 
     Whether it is a payment reminder, policy endorsement, renewal notification, etc, always include some sort of insurance product marketing material. This holds true for mail, email, phone calls, text messages, whatever.

    65. Bring Doughnuts to Apartment Managers 
     If you sell renter’s coverage the best way to market insurance is through the person selling the apartment. When you get an opportunity to speak with apartment managers, make sure they understand why insured tenants can be an advantage to them. They will forget you if you don’t bring something to eat once a month.

    66. Give Out Pens

     Many businesses and communities can always use extra pens – community centers, restaurants, grocery stores, the DMV. Always keep extra pens with you and when you see a jar full of pens somewhere, fill it up with your own. Always be marketing your insurance agency.

    67. Get Links to Your Website 

    Every search engine marketer will tell you the same thing, inbound links to your website or webpage will help you show up higher in search results. Ask people you do business with to add a link to your site and make sure to include a link back to your site from anywhere online you have the opportunity. Don’t forget about online business directories, which are often an easy source of inbound links. If you know the secret it’s not too expensive to get better search rankings.

    68. Advertise In Church Bulletins 

    Church bulletins tend not to be huge insurance lead generators, but use your financial support to speak with the church leadership. Offer to conduct seminars about insurance, defensive driving, fire safety, financial planning etc. Your good intentions will lead to higher commissions.

    69. Coupon Mailers 

    Consider the readers of these materials and make sure any advertising you do provides some sort of coupon, free gift, or call to action. People read through these specifically to find coupons and discounts. Val-Pak is one.

    70. Customer Appreciation Party
    Let your best policyholders know how important you are by inviting them to a nice dinner. Use this time to market new financial products, encourage referrals, and strengthen relationships. Invite your largest premium providers and the people who help you with referral marketing.

    71. Insurance Lead Lists 

     It can be expensive, but purchasing lists of insurance prospects is a starting point for many of the other insurance marketing strategies here. Narrow down prospects with demographics, location, etc. Salesgenie is one company that does this.

    72. Market in Ethnic Publications 

    Studies show certain minority populations can be more loyal to businesses that advertise and market within their cultural media. If you speak a foreign language or someone in your agency does, selling insurance to that community can open the door to loads of referred leads.

    73. Local Forum Websites 

    Many local communities have online forums where members communicate about community events, concerns, businesses, etc. Become an avid poster and you will develop friends and insurance leads. If possible, use a link to your insurance agency website in your signature so it shows up every time you write. Since your online reputation is nearly as important nowadays as your actual one, make sure to make relavent posts rather than blatant insurance advertisements.

    74. T-shirts 

    Give them out to policyholders who will wear them. It will be tempting to buy the cheapest white shirts. Remember, if your shirt can work itself into the regular rotation of someone’s wardrobe, you’ll have residual insurance advertising. Make sure the agency name and service is clear.

    75. Online News Comments

     After reading articles on the local news website make a post and try to include a link to your website. Link a theme in the article to an insurance need. Do not become a comment spammer; post relevant information. Incoming links to your website from a reliable source like the local newspaper can help the search rankings of your website and drive targeted traffic.

    76. Get New Marketing Ideas by Email 

    Sign up for the Insurance Marketing Ideas Newsletter to get weekly insurance marketing ideas like the ones your reading right now delivered right to your inbox. For a limited time there’s also a secret gift just for signing up. (Okay, you talked me into it… it’s an eBook I wrote explaining how to rank #1 on Google)

    77. Leave Pens Everywhere 

     When you sign a credit card receipt, when you fill out a deposit slip at the bank, when you are addressing a letter at the post office. Consciously leave your pens everywhere. Consider pens that have some cool feature like an unusual clicking mechanism. That will improve their lifespan and assist your insurance marketing efforts.

    78. Leverage LinkedIn 

     I don’t know too many agents who use LinkedIn well for sales or marketing but it can be a great resource for building your network. Here’s a hint for insurance agents: The value of LinkedIn doesn’t come from networking with people you already know as much as from connecting with the people they know. (By the way, if you like this top 100 list consider connecting on LinkedIn with the author: Insurance Marketing Expert – John F. Carroll)

    79. Host a Baby Car Seat Event 

    You’ll need to get certified in car seat safety installation or find someone who is. Often fire departments or police departments have certified individuals and maybe you’ll convince them to bring the fire truck. Marketing insurance products to young families is always a good idea.

    80. Publish RSS Feeds

    If you have a blog, it’s a must. RSS is short for Real Simple Syndication and it is a way to publish information online that can be read by a third-party program (feed reader or aggregator). This allows visitors to sign up for RSS feeds from several websites and by using one feed reader they can effectively compile up-to-the-minute news information from only those sources they are most interested in. Feedburner is probably the best option for publishing your information.

    81. Yahoo Directory. 

    This one is very pricey ($300/yr), but if you have the budget and are interested in insurance agency website search engine optimization, marketing in the Yahoo directory will help you. Be warned, it’s not a huge help but if you’ve got the money to spend…Be sure you provide your information exactly the same as you list it everywhere else. Consistency with online listings is very important for search rankings.

    82. Attend Community Meetings 

     Read your local newspaper or website to learn when community meetings are happening. Do good for the community and business will follow. Wear your agency shirt. (a nice golf shirt, not a T-shirt)

    83. Produce a Viral Video 

    I can’t tell you how to do it, but if you can come up with something related to insurance, your staff, your community or something that people will want to watch and send to their friends, release it on YouTube and let it go viral. Here’s a free suggestion… put together bunch of extreme sports bloopers with an disability insurance advertisement.

    84. Start a Community Organization

    It’s not hard and you won’t need to win an election to be the president. Identify a social need in the community and start it. Combine a group of people and a cause like Softballers Against Cancer or Baby Boomers For the Environment. You can get it started on a site like MeetUp.com.

    85. Publish a Blog 

    Publishing an online insurance blog is a great way to drive traffic. A general blog about insurance will be lost in the shuffle but a blog about a specific type of insurance in your section of the state could be a great opportunity to find actual clients. It will add to your credibility as an industry expert. Although challenging to a newbie, creating a WordPress blog in a subdomain of your website (www.blog.yourdomain.com) can be done. Don’t forget to submit your blog to InsuranceBlogSites.com. They don’t accept every blog, but it’s free!

    86. Comment on Related Blogs 

    There are many opportunities to take advantage of blog marketing without owning one. When you read someone else’s blog post about a subject that could be related to insurance, post a comment about it. Always comment with insightful and relevant information. The extra links to your website will help your insurance agency website search rankings, and you should drive targeted traffic to your website. Insurance website marketing is very important now.

    87. Make Sure Other Businesses Are Aware of Your Referrals 

     This is just a general marketing concept. When you refer someone to the service or product of another customer give them a reason to mention you. Something as simple as “he’ll probably give you a discount if you mention I referred you” will ensure that the owner is reminded of the value of his relationship with you. That should help your retention and increase the liklihood of reciprical referrals. The other business owner will also want to pay you back – It’s called reciprocal atruism if I can remember correctly from my college psychology class.

    88. Internet Insurance Leads 

     There are several providers of marketing insurance leads. These are mostly insurance websites that encourage visitors to submit their information to receive competing insurance quotes. The information is then sold to many competing agents. Success rates vary greatly by insurance agency. Remember to call the unsold leads back 6 months later. And 12, 18, 24…

    89. Send Holiday or Birthday Cards 

    For some customers, a card from you might be the only greeting on their birthday. Set yourself apart with less popular holiday greetings like Halloween or Thanksgiving. Send Memorial Day cards to proud veterans or ethnic holiday cards to clients. Building relationships is a great way to market your insurance agency.

    90. Handwritten Letters For Best Customers

    We spend too much time with customers that pay us the least amount of money. Take a look at your commission statements and make sure you are going the extra mile for the people that support you the most. Guess who your best customers hang out with… people just like them who’d be great referrals for you.

    91. Annual Policy Reviews 

     How can you expect policyholders to stay with you if they do not get anything in return each year? You should attempt to discuss policies with every customer every year. This helps you solidify the relationship, identify needs for additional products, and ask for referrals. Treating your book well is the best route to insurance agency marketing success.

    92. Promote Your Clients 
     What goes around comes around so encourage clients to leave promotional material in your agency and try to refer them clients. Entrepreneurs are often our best clients (many insurance and financial needs and better retention), and they are most likely to refer your services if they see the value in what you do.

    93. Niche Forum Websites 

     Across the web there are thousands of different themed discussion forums. Think about the insurance products you sell and then imagine where people may go online…Motorcycle forums, antique car forums, websites about saving money or investing. You get the point, go there and make friends.

    94. Manage Your Brand 

     In today’s digital world, there are thousands of places people may find information about your agency. If it’s important to you that the information they find is accurate and complete there are services that can help you with online reputation management. In today’s digital world it’s so important to make sure you’re being properly represented everywhere online.

    95. Encourage Positive Online Reviews 
    When policy holders have a positive experience with your insurance agency, encourage them to go online to sites like Yelp.com or MerchantCircle.com and write about their experience. I recommend agents build a page on their website with links to their different profiles on review websites. When people are happy with their service they simply email them a link to that page and it makes things much easier for the customer. The easier you make it, the more likely they are to give you a review. And don’t put a link to that page on your website, you don’t want everyone to have access to it, just the people who are going to write nice things about you. For more ideas, here’s an article I wrote about getting more reviews.

    96. Put Your Picture on a Billboard 

    If you are an attractive woman this might work. For the guys – putting your picture on a billboard does not make you a local celebrity, it just proves you are vain and good at wasting marketing dollars. Maybe I’m just jealous…

    97. Advertise to Specific Markets 
    Blanketed insurance advertising is not nearly as effective as specific messages for targeted customers. Think “Great Rates for Homeowners with Good Credit” instead of “Great Insurance Rates”.

    98. Host a Boating Safety Class 

     If you market well enough, paying an instructor to teach a class in your agency or a community center can lead to a boatload of referrals (sorry). Free for all attendees may work, or give your clients a break and charge the others. Insurance marketing strategies that encourage safety are always a good idea.

    99. Put Balloons Outside 

    Flags, balloons, streamers, whatever…Do something to draw some attention to your agency. Ask yourself if there is anything at all drawing attention to your business. Your physical location can be your greatest source of insurance agency marketing. Amazon has a ton of helium tanks that aren’t too expensive.

    100. Child Fingerprinting Event 

    Interest in protecting the community will always be good for insurance marketing. Don’t forget how valuable the connections you make with members of the local police department can be in many different ways.

    101. Overdeliver

    Always deliver more than you promise with everything that you do. In a marketplace where most companies overpromise and underdeliver try to be the opposite. For example, if you’ve promised 100 marketing ideas, give 113 instead!

    102. Free Lemonade 
    Offering free lemonade in the summer or hot chocolate in the winter can draw in potential customers. If you’re concerned about freeloaders, make the drink contingent upon an insurance quote.

    103. Host a Blood Drive 

     Raise awareness of your location by getting people to come to give blood, and it will also give you a reason to contact your policyholders besides billing.

    104. Referral Marketing Program 

    Reward existing policyholders for sending you new clients. Don’t be cheap with the referral rewards. Make sure every single knows about your insurance referral program and remind them every single interaction. Developing referrals is the best insurance marketing strategy. If you haven’t read The Referral Engine I strongly recommend it.

    105. 800 Number Tracking

    Use 800 numbers to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Kall8 provides a number for around 2 dollars a month. You can tell the marketing source using caller ID. If you invest thousands for grocery cart ads, it’s worth paying 25 dollars a year to track the return? My bet is you will spend your grocery cart money in online marketing the following year.

    106. Messaging on Hold 

     Being on hold sucks. It sucks a lot less when there’s something to listen to. Having a service that provides information about other products will give callers something to listen to and expose them to a much wider array of your services. Customers will be unaware what we sell if we don’t constantly market insurance products to them.

    107. TV or Radio Interviews 
    When insurance-related news happens locally, contact the media and offer your opinion. News reporters are just folks like us trying to meet deadlines so if they can get a quote without working hard, many will take advantage. Use your twitter account to send them a message.

    108. Get Listed in GPS Devices 

    Wouldn’t it be nice if people could pull up your insurance agency when they did a search on their handheld or factory installed GPS device? Some GPS manufacturers let you go to their website and submit a business profile. It might take you a little while though… You might consider this service to list your agency in almost every GPS device in one fell swoop. If someone’s searching for insurance on their GPS device, I’d say they’re pretty committed to visiting your agency!

    109. Sponsor the Highway 

    Highways will allow businesses to sponsor cleanup efforts in exchange for a sign advertising their service. Sponsor a section near the exit toward your agency. If there are no nearby openings, propose sponsoring another road in town. Maybe they’ll let you put up a sign to market your insurance agency if you agree to clean up trash along the roadside.

    110. Nice Car Cards 

     These are business cards with a car compliment written in big letters. When you see a nice car parked, leave one of the cards with your contact information on it. Have them preprinted to say “People with taste like yours value an insurance agency like mine” or better yet, hand write a personal message. People with nice cars tend to like compliments and also have a lot of insurance needs. Place it on the driver side window right over the door handle with the compliment facing out.

    111. Prepare Conversational Insurance Questions 

    How many times do we miss sales opportunities every day? Although selling comes naturally to you (or so you think), prepare some questions you could ask anyone depending on the situation to stimulate an insurance conversation. Here’s an example: “Isn’t it amazing how fast kids grow up?” Depending on the answer, there are many insurance conversations this could lead into. Having conversational starters prepared will prevent you from wasting sales opportunities by talking about the weather.

    112. Outsource Time-Consuming Activities

    There’s a million and one things you need to do to make your marketing work. If you can hire a highschooler to telemarket for minimum wage, do it. If you can pay somebody to drive around and drop off brochures at all the local apartment complexes do it. If you can pay someone to list your agency on hundreds of local business websites do it. If you can pay someone to handwrite your thank you cards, do it! Here’s my twist on the E-Myth hypothesis: “Always work on your marketing, not in your marketing”.

    113. Advertise Your Greenness

    Offer information about how to drive more efficiently or reduce energy costs in the home. Send email newsletters, mail to your clients, or host educational sessions in your office for your customers. Include insurance agency marketing material in anything you provide.
  • An Easy Way To Double Your Money,  Insurance Tips

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    There is a wide range of investments with different risk levels. The investment is relatively low-risk government bonds and deposits. Investment is fairly stable, but the results are relatively low.
    Other types of investments with greater risk is to invest in the stock market. Good market situation is very tempting because it can double our money. but the situation with lightning speed can be turned 180 degrees and destroy our investment.  
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  • Insurance Tips

    10 Insurance [do not] You Need

    Currently, there are many offers and all insurance costs are not small. However, the value of the coverage you need to learn carefully and wisely. Before buying any policy, make sure you are careful to make sure the terms, scope and cost.

    In fact, there are many potential catastrophe insurance are less worthy of attention, such as the following insurances:

    1. Private Mortgage Insurance
    It is insurance protection against losses the lender when the borrower is given a high risk. This insurance is only necessary if you are buying a home with a down payment of less than 20% of the value of the home.

    2. Insurance Warranty Extension
    Insurance is available at stores that sell electronic equipment. From the point of view of the consumer, the warranty is very rarely used, especially in small electronic items such as DVD or radio.

    3. Car Accident Insurance Protection
    If you have a loan on the car, lenders tend to require that you have an accident insurance because insurance is designed to cover the cost of vehicle repairs. If your car is paid off, the insurance is not that you need.

    4. Car Rental Insurance
    In fact, most people rarely rent a car. Even doing so, although the cost of insurance is relatively inexpensive, when amortized over a lifetime may amount you spend will be greater than the benefits.

    5. Cheap insurance
    Your personal life insurance policy should already cover catastrophic.

    6. Life Insurance for Children
    Statistically speaking, most children grow up safe and healthy so that parents do not have to buy life insurance for their children.

    7. Flood insurance
    Unless living in a troubled region with a history of flooding, you should not bother buying this insurance.

     8. Credit Card Insurance
    Bids stating the credit card insurance can pay the bills due to your failure to pay it off, but this is just a waste of your money. Better you minimize the use of credit cards so no need to worry about the bill.

    9. Life Insurance for Home Loans
    Rather than add a policy for this insurance and other bills, it makes more sense to get a regular life insurance policy instead.

    10. Specified Disease Insurance
    Polis is usually reserved for diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and others. Instead of identifying any possible diseases that you may face, got this kind of policy coverage requires accurate medical clarity.