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    Health Insurance Innovations ipo stock prices

    Best Insurance stock – Health Insurance Innovations ipo stock prices : Health Insurance Innovations Inc. said it expects to raise up to $72.9 million in an initial public offering. The company plans to sell about 5.4 million shares, at between $14 and $16 a share, according to its most recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The shares include 700,000 that underwriters would have an option to purchase to cover over-allotments.

    The firm would use $3.5 million of the net proceeds to repay outstanding debt under a term loan and up to $25 million to expand its commission structure, with the rest used for general corporate purposes.
    Health Insurance, a Tampa company that develops and administers affordable, Web-based health insurance plans and ancillary products, filed for an IPO in late December.
    The company has applied to list its common stock on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol “HIIQ.” An expected sale date for the shares was not announced.
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    Assured Guaranty insurance financial strength rating by Moody

    Assured Guaranty  insurance financial strength rating by Moody, Assured insurance rating 2013 : Assured Guaranty Ltd. (AGO), the bond insurer whose biggest investor is Wilbur Ross, had its municipal bond unit downgraded by Moody’s Investors Service, which cited the industry’s “dramatic decline” since the subprime crisis.

    Moody’s lowered the insurance financial strength rating of Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. two levels to A2 from Aa3, Assured Guaranty Corp. three levels to A3 from Aa3, and Assured Guaranty Re Ltd. three levels to Baa1 from A1, the debt-rating company said in a statement today.

    “Assured operates in an industry that has not recovered from the financial crisis,” Moody’s said. The Bermuda-based firm “will continue to struggle in the face of declining fundamentals, including a dramatic reduction in insurance usage, modest profitability and still-meaningful legacy risk.”
    Assured was the only company left insuring municipal bonds after MBIA Inc. (MBI) and Ambac Assurance Corp. had their credit ratings slashed during the crisis amid losses on guarantees of subprime-mortgage-backed debt. Since then, U.S. municipalities have grown used to borrowing without the insurance that once kept their interest rates low, before the MBIA and Ambac downgrades sent floating rates soaring in 2007 and 2008.
    While Assured avoided the losses that felled its rivals, its stock plunged 90 percent from June 2007 to March 2009. Ross bought $250 million worth of shares in February 2008 and committed $750 million in capital to the firm. The billionaire’s WL Ross & Co. now owns a 10.2 percent stake. Though the shares recovered later in 2009, they are little changed from their value in June of that year.
    In 2011, 5.2 percent of the $290 billion of municipal debt sold in the U.S. was insured, all by Assured, data compiled by Bloomberg show. The protection once covered half the bonds offered by U.S. states and local governments.
    Moody’s put the units of Assured Guaranty under review on March 20. Profitability over five and 10 years has “weakened notably,” lagging that of other specialty insurers, and will remain under pressure from low sales, Moody’s said today.
    While Assured has modest debt, it may have “constrained” ability to access funds “on a cost-effective basis” if needed, said the Moody’s analysts, led by James Eck and Stanislas Rouyer.
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    Online lead generation: How to get good auto loan leads?

    If you are in the business of offering car loans, then you will always have to generate leads so that there are plenty of potential clients at hand. It is true that some of the leads will come out as bad and wouldn’t convert no matter how hard you try. But on the other side, you need to make sure that you are able to make the good leads fully convert into real purchasers. A lot of time and effort are spent to generate and manage them. So, it is important that one targets quality over quantity.
    For instance, if you have secured 100 auto loan leads but 90% of them are bad, then the number of conversions will only be around 10. On the other hand, if you can secure just 40 leads (with 30% being good), then you will still fetch higher conversion at 12. So, one can conclusively point out that quality should always take precedence over quantity. It is so because until and unless your online lead generationhas promise of conversion, you will only be wasting away your resources. 
    One recommended way for high-quality online lead generation is to create attractive ads. It is vital that one must exercise caution and innovation while coming up such ads. If they are annoying, then they won’t be of any help to you. But if you can put in some sort of benefit or incentive, then the surfers are more likely to click on them and further read as to what you have got to say. So, it is also important that you select your advertisement associate after checking his credentials.
    Apart from tapping the market through web-ads, you should also try to target the local people. It is best to form association with local dealers who usually have great knowledge about the potential buyers. A dealer selling cars will surely register countless visitors on his website. Most of them are likely to buy an automobile if they can have the financial means. That is to say most of them are also on the look-out for car loans. So, if the dealer himself can place your home page’s link on his site, then you stand a great chance of generating a significant amount of ‘good’ quality auto loan leads. Most of these people would be serious clients who will definitely borrow funds from you if you can impress them with your offers. 
    On the alternative, if you do not wish to enter into any formal relationship with any dealer, then you can simply request them to give you vital info (the name and contact numbers) of their clients. In exchange, the dealer will take some money or commission. It is a very cheap option of getting high-quality auto loan leads. In fact, this method is superior to several other marketing strategies including email marketing (wherein such emails are simply trashed or sent in spam folders). 
    Using these and many more innovative tactics, online lead generation has become very easy, as long as the person has the passion & will.
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    California Online Health Insurance for Small Businesses and Individuals

    California Online Health Insurance for Small Businesses and Individuals : The new online marketplace where Californians will soon be able to buy health insurance is also building a program for small businesses.

    Employers with fewer than 50 workers will have the option of joining the “Small Business Options Program,” or SHOP, starting in 2014. Michael Lujan is helping to create the program – he says it will help small employers offer what big companies can.

    He says small businesses will have a choice next year: They’re not required to offer health benefits, but if they do through SHOP, there will be less paperwork and more health benefit choices.Health Insurance for Small Businesses in california
    “Employers in order to prepare for this, I think need to do a bit of a check to see what’s important to them,” Lujan said. “What do they want to offer? What are they missing in the marketplace today? And they may find that the technology, tools, the employee choice and maybe even the tax credits might be very compelling for the SHOP.”
    Health Insurance for Small Businesses in california, Lujan estimates as many as 90,000 Californians who work for small businesses may be part of the SHOP next year. He says some employers will be eligible for a tax credit of up to 50% for the employee health premiums they pay.

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    Aspen Insurance stock outlook 2013

    Best Insurance stock – Aspen Insurance stock outlook 2013 : Aspen Insurance has been witnessing rising earnings estimates on the back of strong fourth-quarter 2012 results. Moreover, this property and casualty insurer delivered positive earnings surprises in all four quarters of 2012 with an average beat of 54.3%.

    Additionally, Aspen Insurance and Goldman, Sachs & Co. ( GS – Analyst Report ) entered into an Accelerated Share Repurchase agreement whereby Aspen will pay $150 million to Goldman in exchange of its shares. Further, from Jan 1, 2013 through Feb 26, 2013, Aspen bought back $47 million shares. Aspen is left with $335 million under its $500 million share repurchase authorization.
    Following a through review of businesses, management decided to lower its wind and earthquake exposure within the U.S. property insurance account. This would free up more than $200 million of capital that could be deployed to maximize shareholder value.
    Aspen Insurance expects to generate operating return on equity of 10% in 2014. It delivered 8.5% in return on equity in 2012.
    Aspen Insurance reported its fourth-quarter results on Feb 7. Non-GAAP loss per share came in at 15 cents, better than the Zack Consensus Estimate of a loss of $1.21 per share.
    Gross written premiums improved 25.6% year over year to $576.2 million in the fourth quarter. A surge of 40.2% in gross written premiums at the Insurance segment fueled the improvement.
    Combined ratio improved 1710 basis points year over year to 107.1% in the fourth quarter.
    The Zacks Consensus Estimate for 2013 increased 6.8% to $2.97 per share as 3 of 6 estimates were revised higher over the last 60 days. Also for 2014, 3 of 6 estimates moved up, pushing the Zacks Consensus Estimate higher by 7.6% to $3.13 over the same time frame.

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    Vietnam Insurance market prediction 2013

    best insurance stock – Vietnam Insurance market prediction 2013 : in 2012 going through many difficulties, challenges than the original data, make it difficult for the insurance industry plans 17% growth target. Preparation of business plan for next year, many companies in the industry no longer sets growth “year after year”.
    Phung Dac Loc, Secretary General of the Vietnam Insurance Association (AVI) said that the insurance market in 2013 will certainly encounter similar difficulties in 2012. “Congress passed the indicators of socio-economic development in 2013 with GDP growth of 5.5%, public investment accounted for 30% of GDP, the CPI rose by 8%, which means predicts the economy can not start excellence, “said Loc.

    Along with his views Loc, many industry experts predicted, more likely, the insurance industry’s sales growth in 2013 of around 10%. Thus, this will be the third consecutive year, the insurance market revenue growth regressed.
    2012 new longer than 1 month closed, but estimates AVI, overall market growth only slightly higher than 10%, compared with 17% plan. In particular, the volume of non-life insurance estimated growth rate of 13 – 14%, in volume-life is 11 – 12%. Growth rate of 13 – 14% of the volume of non-life insurance this year can say is that the efforts of the business block, in the context of public investment cuts, the company stopped several investment plans expand production and business. In fact, many difficulties and challenges, the non-life insurance companies have shifted our products to personal property insurance, health and medical insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance financial use, agricultural insurance, create new growth for the insurance market and less certain results recorded.
    In the life insurance sector also showed less effort, when the real estate market, bleak securities, the income of the workers affected by manufacturing and trading many declining industries, service prices increases, but still attracts numerous customers insured and maintain old insurance contract.
    Businesses continuously launching new products and focus on developing distribution channels to reach more potential customers source. In particular, bancassurance distribution channel are many life insurance companies special attention. Some businesses focus on exploiting its own strength as issued through the postal channel. However, due to the characteristics of the Vietnamese insurance market, the channel remains the dominant channel agent should the life insurance business remains focused on this channel. Some businesses continue to develop models of agents like AIA, Korea Life, Dai-ichi, Manulife … Competitive strategy will continue to be developed for enterprises in 2013.
    According to Loc, with the lessons of the past two years to overcome the difficulties and challenges of the global economic downturn, stable macro-economic policies, inflation will be a factor giving the DN plan insurance business in 2013 close to the actual completion of the plan.
    2013 is a pivotal year implementation plan developed insurance market from 2011 to 2015 by the Ministry of Finance, at the same time, also celebrate 20 years of the Vietnamese insurance market development. This will be an important motivation for the companies in the industry to strive to set the highest achievement in the business.
    Trinh Thanh Hoan, director of the National Insurance Supervisory Management (Ministry of Finance) predicted that by 2013, the total amount of the insurance companies accumulated investment return economy estimated at $ 95.000 billion.
    Sir, was near the end of 2012, the growth target of 17% of the entire insurance industry this year may be difficult to achieve?
    Initially expected, the insurance market in 2012 continued to maintain growth of about 17% compared with 2011. However, with the difficult economic situation, the total premium income of the market in 2012 was estimated at 40,858, up 11.7 percent from 2011; including non-life insurance premium revenue is estimated at 22,942 billion, up 11.5% and life insurance revenue was estimated at 17,916, up 12 percent from 2011.
    In my opinion, the volume growth of 11.5% of non-life insurance this year as expected, but compared to other industries can say is that success in the context of the real estate market froze, investors cuts, investment firms minimize expansion. Many challenges, the non-life insurance companies have shifted our products to personal property insurance, health and medical insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance, agricultural insurance … Life insurance sector also found success not least, while labor income decline, the price of goods and services increased, but still attracts numerous customers insured and maintained old insurance contract.
    Overall, in 2012 the growth rate not reach expected, but the entire insurance industry made a great effort, expressed in that market continues to develop stable, healthy and safe; ensure financial viability ; improved quality of service; diversified insurance products to meet the needs of the insured. As a result, foreign investors still appreciate the potential of the Vietnamese insurance market.
    Insurance industry plays an important role in mobilizing resources for investment back into the economy. With the difficulties mentioned above, activities this year have been affected? What is your prediction on resource mobilization plan for investment in the economy in 2013?
    In the period 2003 – 2010, insurance companies have created large capital and long-term, play an important role in mobilizing investment resources of socio-economic development. In 2012, with these difficulties, the mobilization of resources for investment return economy affected but not great because now, the investment activities of insurance companies have become more diverse and afternoon depth, in order to ensure selection of the appropriate form of investment, safe and effective. On the other hand, due to the characteristics of the insurance business and technical management of insurance funds, insurance companies invest idle funds from operational reserves must comply with the maximum allowable rate.
    In 2012, the total amount of accumulated investment insurers back to the economy is estimated at 90,591 billion, up 9 percent from 2011. In particular, the DN-life estimated at 66,361 billion (up 10.4% compared to the same period in 2011), the non-life business is estimated at 24,230 billion (up 5.6% compared to the same period in 2011).
    Forecast, in 2013, the Vietnamese economy will be even more difficult challenge especially for companies in the financial sector, banking and real estate. This will also make it difficult for insurers to expand the customer. We predicted that in 2013, the total amount of the insurance companies accumulated investment return economy estimated at $ 95.000 billion.
    Forecast next year more difficult, if the industry growth can be reduced compared to the long-term plan, sir?
    As I said, in 2013, the difficulty exists, therefore, predict the Vietnamese insurance market will continue to maintain growth target of about 10 – 12% compared to 2012. In the next year, many new insurance products will be the insurance companies on the market to serve the insurance needs of diverse organizations and individuals as products of export credit insurance, agricultural insurance industry, insurance underwriting, liability insurance, health care and health insurance products, pension and insurance for the poor …
    Despite difficult than the other “g and downs” of the economy, the insurance industry remains a bright spot. What were you most satisfied in the development of the industry in the past year?
    Macroeconomic situation in 2012 a negative impact on mining activities covered. However, besides that, the insurance market also has a number of advantages such as: the new legislation takes effect created favorable conditions for the operation of the DN … 2012 is also the first year of implementation of the strategy to develop the insurance market for the period 2011 – 2020 with the implementation of the synchronization mechanism and policy solutions, enterprise restructuring, strengthening management and supervision State insurance.
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